We're coming back in two weeks!
A message from the team:

Hey guys👋!

We are very sorry for the outage of our services. Unfortunately, we were not receiving enough traffic to make enough money to support our server costs🥺. We found a new hosting provider, who were offering servers for our budget, so we decided to migrate. Unfortunately, they cheated us and gave us a server with an internet connection of a few kbps, then they falsely accused us of using too many resources (we did not even switch our site to the new server yet) and terminated our server. They are currently extorting us, by asking for more money, to upgrade us to the "higher quality" servers. They refuse to return us the payment we made, so we are out of funds. For the past few months Exam Snap and Paper Archive have been operating from the contributions made from the members of the team and so far, we are unable to collect enough money amongst us to buy a new server.

Please feel free to contact us regarding anything through the chat widget below.

Thanks for supporting us through this marvellous journey and we hope to be back soon.

With our greatest affection❤️,
The Exam Snap Team