SAT Past Papers and Resources

Wait What? How?

We have started to offer access to SAT Past Papers. Not the just SAT Practice Papers that were officially released. We have **ALL** the past papers. However, the copyright policy for hosting these seems to be very aggressive. While our team is sorting out some details and look for a hosting method, we are offering these papers on demand. Please contact us by sending us a message on – [email protected]

Update: Due to an influx of requests, the service is temporarily suspended. Our team has served and answered over 200 emails in the past 2 days and this model is not scaling for us. For now, you can only get the papers if you are a donor and even then it may still take about 12-16 hours. We realise that an on-demand paper service is not feasible and we need to make a repository similar to the IB Past Papers. We do have the option to make a low quality website which hosts all the resources on third party servers and makes users go through a URL shortener (which is very annoying); however, this goes against our mission to make a quality website with all the resources that students would want. Unfortunately, we lack the funding to do so, hence, we request you to please donate! This money goes towards servers and allows for us to expand our resource library. Once we meet our funding goal, this page will update with the link to the resources.